Heretic Deathcult – Destruction, Rage and Hate [TAPE]


After 5 years the Horde presents 3 completely new songs! As a bonus on this CD are the 4 songs from the 2017 released split with Abigail, as well as the two songs from the 2013 released demo. All bonus songs have been remastered! The CD has a total playing time of over 35 minutes!

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Heretic Deathcult – Destruction, Rage and Hate [TAPE]

Heretic Deathcult, the pulsating phallus of blasphemous battering penetrates your ears and soul with crushing Black fucking Metal brutality.
The two warheads, known from Bands like Ungod, Goatthroat, Thore, Ruins Of Unlight and more, unleash 2 new songs plus a Cover of an old Vargsang song. In addition to these demonic vomits, the tape comes with 2 tracks from the demo as well as 4 songs from the split with far eastern masters of perversion Abigail.
This is for those who want bestial speed with a sound that eclipses the sun and raw demonic chants that will reoccur in your nightmares.
Destruction, Rage And Hate will fornicate your feeble hearts with the strength of an infernal goat cock!!!


Released by The Unholy Alliance

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Dimensions 14,5 × 12,5 × 1,5 cm


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