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    Knekelput – Era 1 Compilation [TAPE]


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    Knekelput – Era 1 Compilation [TAPE]


    “Those of you that have followed this label closely know of it’s dedication to keeping the true underground spirit alive. In this quest it was a pleasure finding like minded individuals traveling along that same path.
    Each of them added something to our journey that I will forever be grateful for. To celebrate this we hereby present m ‘Knekelput- Era I’, a compilation that brings together part of this family we have proudly built.
    15 exclusive or very rare tracks, mastered by Black Bunker Sounds to deliver a high speed aural assault.”

    A1 – Brunnmigii – Old Bones Awoken
    A2 – Glass Coffin – Beyond The Shadow Veil
    A3 – Hastio – Fenulive (rehearsal)
    A4 – Panzerwar – Return To The Burial Mound
    A5 – Phosphorus – Righteous Violence
    A6 – Predictor – Path To Megiddo pt. II (rehearsal)
    A7 – Rutnukt – Prayers To The Vile One
    A8 – Norinian – Treacherous (2005 demo)
    A9 – Hellmoon – Spirit Cessation
    B1 – Alghol – The Raven’s Call
    B2 – Primordial Serpent – Demon of Song
    B3 – Erythrite Throne- Into The Chamber Of The Serpent King
    B4 – HellGoat – När Marskarna Krälar På Din Kropp
    B5 – Tundra – A Burning Fire
    B6 – Toad Sage – As My Mind Leaves Me


    Released by Knekelput Recordings (December 2020)


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