Mortiis – Vond – Fata Morgana Bundle [TAPE]


Bundle with:

Mortiis – The Shadow of the Tower [TAPE]
Fata Morgana [TAPE]
VOND – Aids to the People [TAPE]
VOND – The Dark River [TAPE]
VOND – Green Eyed Demon [TAPE]

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Mortiis – Vond – Fata Morgana Bundle [TAPE]

3 utterly dark, cold and depressing tapes to destroy your soul bundled together, 3 steps closer to solitary death.
The project of Mortiis’ Håvard Ellefson is being released again with the second and third full-length album as well as a 2017 recollection of this dismal music on tape in the typical high quality Black Bunker Sounds way.
Take the journies to lost places where the ghosts of suicidal creatures dwell, feel the cold entering your soul and become a stiff cold fuck as your will to live is drowned in a cold northern lake.

Aids to the people:
AIDS to the People is a recollection of gloomy hymns of darkness and despair from Mortiis’ side project Vond. Industrial cold, depressing piano and flute melodies for those who wish to meet their inner darkness

Green Eyed Demon:
Green eyed demon, the last release of Mortiis’ Håvard Ellefson under the banner of Vond is a dark collage of samples that is transformed into crippling confusion and utmost despair, the soundtrack for the loss of the will to live

The Dark River:
The dark river floods despair, solitude and cold angst into your soul. The second full-length of Mortiis’ Håvard Ellefson’s Vond is the ideal sound to wander the woods in existential dread

Mortiis – The Shadow of the Tower:
Deep voices echoing from the distant past… A ritualistic soundscape for journeys to deserts and dungeons.
This is a recording from 1997. Originally used as background atmospheres for the rare; fairly far in-between live shows Mortiis was doing back then.
Mortiis discovered this recording on a tape in the attic, some 23+ years later. I thought it would be an interesting piece of sonic history to get out there.
Around 1997, Mortiis was getting increasingly interested in industrial/ritualistic and experimental music (he also recorded VOND´s 3rd and last album “Green Eyed Demon” around this time, which has a lot of similar vibes, and dark, repeating, loop-based experimentation all over it), and this recording clearly reflects that.
This is drony, ritualistic and repetetive by nature (and, because of its original purpose, which was to fill silent space and time with atmospherical sound).
This was originally recorded, with lo fi, noisy gear, and very limited recording and mixing skills, so the recording (thankfully to analog tape, so it´s still acceptable to the human ear) was at times coming in too hot, meaning there´s some moderate overdrive/distortion at times. The recording is cleaned up, turned from mono to a sort of stereo, and fattened up. It still sounds like it was recorded in a cave, which was probably the vision for this piece at the time anyway.

1997 is now!

Fata Morgana:
Fata Morgana, the synthed magical side project of Mortiis himself on high quality tape with its whole body of work, the self titled full length from 95 plus the Space Race EP from 96.
Dwell in a mysterious time and space. A journey to worlds beyond.
Eerie and melancholic ambient with light and darkness, a trip full of ancient melodies that make your thoughts wander the castles, caves and dens of otherwordly creatures.
Mortiis – The Shadow of the Tower [TAPE]
Fata Morgana [TAPE]
VOND – Aids to the People [TAPE]
VOND – The Dark River [TAPE]
VOND – Green Eyed Demon [TAPE]

Released by Knekelput Recordings (April 2022)











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