Tattva – Naraka [TAPE]


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Release on August 1st 2022.

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Tattva – Naraka [TAPE]

Bad Karma Black Metal from France leading you through the pain of rebirth with a solid sound of darkness and demonic chants deriving from the torture of life’s ever spinning wheel. Heavy, dark, fast and raw yet sophisticated enough to give you a glimpse of the metaphysics of the circle of existence embodied in sombre obscure karmic melodies that haunt from the speakers here and there


J : all instruments/vocals/mix, mastered by Constantine Studio, recorded in 2021

artworks by @Macchabee Artworks

recorded during pandemic and upside downs. Hails to the underground.

Released by The Unholy Alliance (Black Bunker Sounds & Knekelput Recordings) (August 2022)



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