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  • Noble Sadist – :omphaloskepsis: [Limited Tape]


    One-Man Band Noble Sadist (Dogmatic Insulter) comes with Black Death Metal that is both slow and eerie as well as crushing fast the old way -primitive and harsh. With its cold athmosphere and nihilistic attitude Noble Sadist’s chants will disturbingly sink into your mind and wipe away the Illusion of emotion.

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  • Automb – Chaosophy [TAPE]


    It is with great pride that Knekelput will be doing the cassette release for the album ‘Chaosophy’ by blackened death metal band Automb, featuring singer-bassist Danielle Evans, guitarist Serge Streltsov (ex-Necrophagia) and Scott Fuller (Morbid Angel) on drums!

    The American ensemble, returns with their highly anticipated new album entitled “Chaosophy”. Heavy, spacious and brilliant songwriting by Serge is perfectly complemented by Scott Fuller’s menancing drum work and Danielle’s punishing vocals & crushing bass.

    Limited to 150 hand numbered copies.


    Released by Knekelput Recordings (October 2020)

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